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"Death by Sea"
Acrylic painting of a killer whale nearly stranding itself to get at a sea lion. This painting took several years to complete as I needed to develop my ability to finish it. I initially saw this scene on a nature show and was intrigued by the way that the whales were hunting their prey. And I like to think that the sea lion has not been captured yet and may well get away.

Death from the Sea
Original: $675.00
5x7 matted print $16.50
8x10 matted print $33.75
All prices are in Canadian Dollars
Please EMAIL me to find out if Original works are still available before you send money.

Please Send Your Cheque or Money Order To:

Glen Frear
Box 703
McBride BC,
V0J 2E0

Orders for original work will be filled on a first come first served basis.